American Airlines Mandates Face Covering

Bookfer's Purview

Better Late Than Never, they say. It looks like all american airline groups are now following suite. This comes quite late, we feel. Had these curbs be put in place earlier, things could have been a little on the better side.

In a recent Press Release by the American Airlines Group Inc., American Airlines has pulled the strings on their customers and have mandated the use of a face covering while traveling with them.

This comes amidst the rising number COVID cases in the US, while, the travel bug has not stopped biting many of it’s citizens. 

If you’d have to believe the sources, the domestic travel is at it’s 70% of the what the normal levels were, pre-covid. Read the press release by the AA below


The orders are applicable from 29th July. Exceptions are, 2 years and below of age kids.

This has come after South West Airlines announced it’s mandate on face coverings starting 27th July. They said, passengers can remove the covering to eat, drink or to take medicines, however, this duration has to be pretty brief.

The orders are applicable for flights originating from any airport in the USA. 


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