Australia Closes NSW & Victoria Border First Time In 100 Years

Mr. Daniel Andrews has made an official announcement on 6th July, starting 11:59 PM, the state borders between New South Wales and Victoria are going to close off, to avoid spread of corona virus in Melbourne.

The last shutdown happened in year 1919, 100 years back, when the Spanish Flu surfaced. This is definitely going to impact the residents of both the states.

Victoria state reported a record number of COVID-19 cases, taking the numbers to a three month record high.

There will be significant Police and Military deployment to monitor all cross border activities. There are now serious fine’s and Jail sentence for anyone who tries to violate the orders.

David Elliot – NSW Police Minister

There are more than 50 land crossings between the two states, pelted between South Australia and The Coast. The most impacted is Albury, that is right along the Murray River border.

To cross the borders in event of specialist task force, or health care related issues, there will be a pass issued. These borders are going to act as a filter to mandate who goes through and who stays behind.

Crossing these borders without permission shall call upon a fine of upto $11,000 and a six month jail sentence.

The mayor of Albury, Kevin Mack said, with the movement of about 55000 cars across these borders daily, it’s going to be a nightmare for people.


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