Japan COVID Cases Spike As Domestic Travel Campaign Takes Off

It’s been just a week since the domestic travel campaign took off, to promote national travel at the domestic level, enabling support to the tourism industry, Japan has seen a big spike in the corona virus infections exceeding the 1000 mark.

365 cases were confirmed from Tokyo yesterday. Japan’s remote islands also reported COVID cases, hinting, this is now a wide spread collateral.

Iwate prefecture, The island in the North of Japan, broke it’s ongoing safety perimeter to report first few cases.

Promotion of the campaign “Go to Travel” was initiated to revive the tourism industry, slowly. However, it was opposed by Norio Sugaya, stating, it’s a bad timing. If people start moving, virus spread moves even faster. 

Meanwhile, operation hours for restaurants and bars in Tokyo are being planned to cut short, to contain the spread.



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