July 4 Road Trips In USA Soar To A New High Amidst Surging Virus Cases

The number of corona virus cases in a single day surged to more than a 50,000. That said, 4th of July weekend is here and if we go by the reports from multiple travel aggregators, there have been more than 10 Million Road Trip bookings already. These bookings are the one’s which are supposed to do the road trips through car rentals.

For others, it will be their own private cars for the road trip. The combined total amount goes up to 35 Million! You read it right, 35 Million road trips have been planned during the 4th July Holiday week.

One thing is pretty clear, there is no stopping the Americans. This number is almost near to the last year’s numbers where a whooping 40 million road trips were planned during the same time.

The re-openings in some states have been paused owing to the fact, there have been protests, civil unrest and huge spikes in corona cases.

The Road Trip appeals as the safest form of travel to the people of the US. It’s actually a fact because everyone is somewhat paranoid on what surfaces they are touching and where they are going. Avoiding public transport is the first thing on almost everyone’s mind. What’s left? Well, a car!

The EU has not yet confirmed when will they open up for US travelers. In such circumstances, international travel is still out of question. It is, therefore, speculated that the domestic travel is going to surge even further.

A lot of people are already exploring destinations like Nashville, Portland & Denver.

The AAA has already predicted that about 700 Million Road trips will happen this summer. This excludes the cargo and delivery freight.

The top 10 destinations as per the AAA this time are:


According to the Arrivalist, a Geo Location intelligence company, here is the travel index 

Consumer behavior on travel has been evolving ever since this pandemic. One thing for sure is evident, Road Trips & Car Rentals are the way to go forward and a surge in the numbers are one solid proof. 



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