List Of Countries Welcoming US Tourists This Summer

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A US Govt. travel advisory is in place since 31st March 2020, advising all it's citizens to avoid all international travel, as it will increase your exposure and chances of contracting as ell as spreading COVID-19.

Many countries have slammed shut doors to one of the world’s most powerful passport holders, The US Travelers, due to the corona virus spread. The entire Europe has opened up in phases and have started inter country travel along with phased acceptance of tourists from other countries, excluding, US.

Not that they don’t want the tourism revenue from the US travelers, but they are skeptical of the rising numbers in the US. The numbers for Florida are surprising and scary at the same time. The restrictions though have eased up at many places and residents of many countries, but US is still in the red zone.

After all, the 3 million mark is scary and raising many concerns at many levels for everyone. While the US travelers are staying close to their homes and preferring domestic travel through car rentals & road trips over international air travel, there are some who just won’t let the COVID-19 become a hurdle to their travel plans.

So where can the US resident travel during these times? Here is a comprehensive list of countries welcoming US travelers:


The Tirana international airport at Albania opened up to international flights on 15th June 2020. There are no travel bans as such for people flying in from USA, but measures are in place to quarantine if any symptomatic patient is found out during routine screening while passing through the airport, to the outside.

Albania is a beautiful country, specially, the northern part of it, towards the Valbona pass.


US travelers are welcome to Antigua & Barbuda, subject to presentation of -ve COVID test report (RT-PCR) done in the last 7 days before taking the flight. This measure has been put in place since 9th July, 2020. 

Antigua & Barbuda has made masks compulsory and anyone violating this shall be liable to pay a fine of $5000. If you do not have a -ve COVID-19 report, you will have to undergo a test, stay in quarantine till the report comes in and if it it’s negative, you can move out with your travel plans.


Inbound US travelers from typical US states like California, Florida et al (total 26), where there are hotspots of COVID-19 will have to upload a -ve COVID test report at their official website on the embarkation/disembarkation card here. This should be done 72 hours prior to arrival.

Travelers from other states will have to undertake a prepaid COVID test on arrival and stay 1-2 days at max in quarantine, till the time report comes in. Their arrangements are good and normally report arrives very quickly. Health insurance is mandatory, which I believe, everyone traveling out of the US has.

4. The Bahamas

1st July, 2020, The Bahamas opened to international travel, yet again, after the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns. Before flying out, it is mandatory to fill this form. It’s the COVID-19 -ve report within the last 10 days, prior to departure.

Good thing about this country is, there is no quarantine policy as such, however, masks are mandatory and so is social distancing. There is a “Clean and Pristine” certification being given to islands and resorts. Make sure to choose one of these for your stay.


5. Dominican Republic

Inbound travelers to the DR shall be screened for symptoms of COVID-19. This includes temperature checks as well as mandatory filing of an affidavit stating, no symptoms in the last 72 hours have been observed.

If any symptomatic patient is found, they will be isolated, tested and put through a quarantine. Thorough contact lists are being maintained. Your word is being taken as a guarantee. No mandatory quarantines as such.

6. The Maldives

Who does not dream of holidaying in the Maldives? Well, it;s the most desirable destination and the icing on the cake is, it’s open for international travelers from 15th July. US travelers are required to fill in a self declaration at arrival about their health status.

Accommodations have to be booked in advance in order to travel here. The resorts will be opened starting 15 July and in the second phase, 1st August.


The top destinations have been described, however, there are other countries where US travelers are welcome.

These include: 

Almost everywhere, if you have a health certificate with a COVID report, you can easily apply to move out and enjoy your holiday. Well, except UK, where, a mandatory 14 day quarantine has been placed for US travelers.

We recommend the use of Car Rentals, everywhere you travel, as it has turned out to be the safest form of travel during these times. Book a car rental now!


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