Snap Decision: UK Forces Quarantine For Anyone Coming In From Spain

Bookfer's Purview

In a snap of a finger, UK Govt. chose to bring back the quarantine rule, citing excessive case load in Spain mainland in the last 2 days. They allowed flights in the first place, holidays were planned and some were even in Spain already, and are now panicking. This should not have been an abrupt one.

“Govt can’t make apologies” were the words, that triggered everything. Dominic Raab was heard quoting this when they cited the number of cases spike in the last week.

All of it came into force in just under six hours, post announcement. It should be noted that a lot of residents have already planned their travel to Spain, or they are already in Spain holidaying. 

This abrupt notice to bring back 14 day quarantine for inbound returns coming through Spain has set panic for many travelers already as they cannot go back to work after their holiday and will suffer monetary losses.

Here is what FCO advisory says:


The advisory also suggests not to cancel your ongoing trip, and stay in Spain for your itinerary. The holidays need be cut short. The FCO warning also states that travel insurances will not be valid for the 14 day quarantine period while in UK. if you have traveled to Spain before 25th July, insurance will be valid.

The holiday makers like TUI have confirmed, they will cancel all package holidays up until 9th August. The very important aspect of all this is, DO NOT cancel your trip by yourself, rather, wait for them to cancel it for you and then you can claim full refund. If you cancel the trip by yourself, you may be subject to cancellation charges and you sure don’t want to fall for that.

Re-bookings and credit notes are the options going to be available for you. you can also force seek a full refund to original payment methods.

Spain has in itself announced voluntary internal lock downs and shut downs to contain the virus.This applies to a lot of late night eateries and bars at the beach fronts.

We recommend, avoid traveling for now. The abrupt change of rules is not going to be helpful for anyone.


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