TripAdvisor Sells SmarterTravel & 8 Other Brands to HopJump

Bookfer's Purview has been taking the road now, which it should have taken some years back and focused on the core areas as their rivals like, Expedia did. When the existential crisis have struck, they are giving away the non-performing assets for some cash influx and focus on the core competency, which they are proficient in.

The Boston based HopJump, a digital marketing and personalized travel recommendations company, has acquired the 8 Brands of TripAdvisor.

This looks likes an all cash deal, but details have not been released thus far. Steve Kaufer, CEO, Trip Advisor, announced in April, they will be dissolving this unit that would cause at least 900 jobs loss. 

HopJump is keen on calling all those back, who were laid off by TripAdvisor.

The Brands acquired by HopJump includes:


HopJump has shown hope of this acquisition being a strategic game changer in the long term for them.

They have also portrayed the views of how the industry has changed in just 2 months and how they intend to deliver content based on what users are looking into right now.

The searches are there, but users are inclined towards assurances on their and their families health. Of course, safety is paramount and HopJump thinks to manipulate these platforms on delivering the right messages and scale up bookings starting August 2020.


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