360 Degrees Virtual Travel & Street Views Gaining Popularity

It’s been 6 months since I traveled. The last trip was to the UK back in Novemeber 2019 before the COVID crisis took over the world and left many air spaces, airports and cities closed. The Europe, introduced border controls after so many decades, for the first time, to contain the contagion spread.

Two months of strict lock downs & Social distancing, travel corridors are building up and there are certain travel bubbles arising. Airports across the world are opening up in phased manners. Well, that does not mean the pandemic is over and out. It just means, economy needs a revival and you need to protect yourself, all by yourself.

During all this, I was missing all the flair and excitement of planning my next trip, the feel good factor of getting to the airport, enjoying the duty free shopping and all those tidbits of pleasure that fortifies in, when you are about to travel. It always fascinated me, how technically after the security check and immigration clearance at the airport, you are considered to have crossed borders. 

Sitting back on the lounger, at a cool duty free cafe, sipping on a refreshingly amazing drink is what I have always enjoyed. Flights and everything are okay but the transit and pre-flight parts are the one’s I most relish. And of course the actual travel to the destination as well, goes without saying.

So the question arises, How do I travel? The answer lies in here. Well, it does, somewhat, maybe not how you like it, unless you do not want safety. I have been doing this Virtual travel since many years now. It just excites me to a new level. All the times I have to travel, I use this to gather information on what leads to where and what is nearby where I am staying. Many a times, I have changed my hotels after roaming the streets prior to my arrival. 

Without much A do, here it is, the secret (well not so much):

Near Vik, A Pristine Town of Iceland

Feel Free, to navigate on the roads and enjoy the beautiful scenery by sitting in the comfort of your own homes. I for one, have scrolled and navigated thousands of kilometres and visited “n” number of places using this. That one above, it’s a preview of Iceland. You could virtually drive on the Golden circle or the ring road using this. Make pit stops, explore places nearby and what not. Just use your imagination and go free!

Iceland was on my bucket-list. Due to the corona virus crisis, I do not know when this will be fulfilled. Now that I have explored the entire Iceland (even the places I never intended to visit) to be honest, I am about 75% satisfied. For the first one, It saved quite some $$’s. 

When I went to Queenstown, New Zealand, I changed my hotel from Copthrone to Millineum. Reason, I preview the location using Google Street View and saw there isn’t much of a view outside except the Earnslaw Motel and that it’s a bit too much walk to the center. So I drove past the road and chose Millineum because, the street going right in front, offers a beautiful view of Lake Wakatipu and it’s somewhat near to the city center.

Guess What’s Here? “FergBurger”

I have always had this urge to go to this place: Gstaad, Switzerland and I am sure, I will, someday. For now, It’s good to see it through here:

Gstaad, Switzerland

Where are you longing to go? Share your top places you wish you could go but have to suffice visiting virtually! Let’s keep traveling however we can during these times. 


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  1. Do you know of any places anywhere in the world, where you would go multiple times virtually only to live and feel the nostalgia of the times when you were actually there? For me, It’s Wanaka, New Zealand.

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